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Conservative Republican for District 12


Conservative Leadership for District 12

On Spending:

State spending is growing faster than the economy. We have to grow the economy and eliminate wasteful spending. Just like families from across Louisiana and throughout District 12, state government must learn to live within its means.

On Life:

I am 100% pro-life and will always fight to defend the rights of the unborn.

On Agriculture:

I know the importance of agriculture in our community. I will be a firm supporter of our local farmers and agriculture industry in the House.

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On Taxes:

Louisiana is one of the highest taxed states in the nation, resulting in businesses fleeing our state. I will push to reduce the tax burden on families and businesses in Louisiana.

On the Second Amendment:

As a proud member of the NRA, I believe the Second Amendment is a Constitutionally protected right and I will fight to protect it.

On Education:

Louisiana has one of the lowest education ratings in the country. Our children and families deserve better. We must reward high performing teachers, help school districts that are falling behind, and give parents a choice in their child's education. An educated workforce will strengthen our economy.  

"We need leaders committed to reducing regulations on small businesses, holding the line on taxes, and working to improve our state for generations to come."

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